We look forward to helping you plan and prepare for your adventure. Below you will find a gear list for your hunt, resources for your stay and information about Kodiak Island.

We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate anyone that would like to hunt. Our guides go through extensive preparations and train year round to be in top physical condition to ensure your hunt is as productive and enjoyable as we can make it. We ask that you, too, prepare as much as possible in order to fully participate in, experience and enjoy your hunt.

What to Bring

Please take this hunt seriously. The better shape you are in mentally and physically, the more you will enjoy the hunt and the better the chance you will harvest the animal of your dreams.

More often than not, good physical fitness and a positive attitude will make the hunt of your dreams come to life. Please take that to heart.

Good gear in the Kodiak Island environment is absolutely crucial. The following gear is what we ourselves use and what we recommend for you. Click on the following links to view printable gear lists for our brown bear and mountain goat hunts.

Brown Bear

Mountain Goat